Analytical H.P.L.C. Services

Analytical Procedures developed to ,

i ) Meet criteria by the regulatory authorities.

ii ) Test for ruggedness and changes in minor operation parameters.

Standardization of Analytical Procedures As per instrumental facilities available

Quantitative Analysis

Using I S T S as well as E S T D Methods

Using ASTM method

Using EN 71 AP Method

Using BIS Method

Using ANACHEM developed Method

Using International Method

Quantitative Analysis :

1) By Retention Time Area Normalisation Method

2) By Comparing UV –VIS profiles and wavelength response ratios.

3) By External Std . Method

4) By Internal STD . Method.

5) Routine HPLC Analysis

6) As per standard procedures, QC applications

Validation of Analytical Procedures

Accuracy & Precision



Limit of Quantification & Detection