H.P.L.C. Analysis

Our comprehensive services !

1. Pharmaceuticals , Dyes & Intermediates , Chemicals , Formulation Pesticides , etc.

2. Trace Analysis in low level detection even < 1 ppm as an Organic Impurities in pharmaceuticals and BANNED AMINES in Dyes & Dyes Intermediates

3. Detection of Toxic compound like Dioxane , Formaldehyde , Acryl Amides etc,. by External std. or recommended procedure

4. Impurity Profiles and impurity estimation as per recommended Procedures Or by ANACHEM Procedure

5. Organic Residue analysis in Pesticides ,

6. Routine HPLC Analysis as per Pharmacopoeia/ EPA / ASTM / AOAC Procedures / Recommended by your principals.

7. Many more additional services !

Fully automatic with Quaternary Solvent Gradient for better separations.

Built - in degasser for bubble free operations

PDA Detector ( Programmable detector )

Capillary Internal connections for low dead volumes - less dispersions & shaper peaks .

Configured for fast LC enabling better detection limits for impurities Estimations.

Analytical AAS Services

A A S Method Development

Analytical Procedures developed to,

Meet criteria by the regulatory authorities

Sample digestion procedures and calibration ranges.

Test for ruggedness and changes in minor operation Parameters .

Standardization of Analytical procedures

As per instrumental facilities available.

Quantitative Analysis

Using Absorption , Emission & Hydride modes.

Validation of Analytical Procedures

Accuracy & Precision



Limit of Quantification & Detection

Routine A A S Analysis

As per standard procedures , QC Application

Quantitative Analysis :

1) By Retention Time Area Normalisation Method

2) By Comparing UV –VIS profiles and wavelength response ratios.

3) By External Std . Method

4) By Internal STD . Method.

5) Routine HPLC Analysis

6) As per standard procedures, QC applications

Validation of Analytical Procedures

Accuracy & Precision



Limit of Quantification & Detection


Heavy Metal Analysis

our comprehensive services !

1. Heavy Metals in Dyes , Pigment , Inks & Intermediates , Chemicals , Formulation , Pesticides , etc.

2. Metal Residue Analysis - Pesticides , Fungicides , Fruits , Vegetables & Processed Foods.

3. Routine AAS Analysis as per Pharmacopoeia / EPA / AOAC Procedures.

4. As , Hg , Se , Pb estimations by Close Chamber Hydride Technique.

Analysis is carried out at our analytical facility at Pune ,which is equipped with Thermo AAS system controlled by AAS software .

Fully Computerized .

Air - Acetylene & Nitrous oxide - acetylene burner systems

Imported Continuous Hydride Generator .

Back Ground corrector for estimation in UV RANGE - ESPECIALLY Useful for Pb

Atomic Absorption Spectrophoto meter optimized for Heavy Metal Determination in Organic Matrix.

Absorption Mode

Ag, Al, As , Bj, Cd, Cr, Cu , Fe, Hg, Mg,

Mn , Mo , Ni , Pb, Sb, Sn , V, W, Zn

Emission Mode

K , Li , Mg , Na .