Homes and residences often face the problem of pests that enter the home environment and spoil the possessions. The category of Pestsincludes living organisms like rodents, mice, flies, insects, and even birds along with some other organisms. As these feed upon the eatables in the home and can destroy other holdings, it becomes crucial to ensure control over the population of pests. To stop pests from destroying vital possessions, pest control measures are used. The measures to control pests may vary from exclusion, repugnance to manual or chemical removal of the pests. It becomes significant to go through pest control measures from time-to-time to ensure safe and healthy surroundings.

Types of targeted treatment

Types of pest control treatments are altered based on the type of pests found in the residential areas. Some pests can be treated by only a specific treatment, while others can be treated with one or more types of treatments. Although the motive of each treatment remains the same, i.e. the eradication of pests from the desired place. The most used methods are

  • Chemical pest control treatments

  • Biological pest control treatments

  • Mechanical pest control treatments

  • Physical pest control treatments

  • Field burning pest control treatments

  • Poison bait best control treatments

  • Trap cropping pest control treatments